Kenneth J. Andrews: No need for speed

April 21, 2013 

No need for speed

I read with interest Sen. Neal Hunt’s proposal to raise the top speed limit on North Carolina highways to 75 mph (“Bill for 75 mph speed limit races through Senate,” April 12).

What positive purpose would this serve? We all know that most drivers drive 75-plus mph now because the 70-mph speed limit is not enforced. Does Hunt believe that the 75-mph speed limit will be enforced or will it be all right to drive 80-plus mph? I have often wondered what speed limit was enforced. It certainly isn’t the posted speed limits.

Records indicate that many of our serious accidents are caused by excessive speed. I always believed that the only reason we have posted speed limits is so when accidents happen, we can blame the speeding driver and take the liability off of DOT and our state and local governments.

What is more important? Being allowed to drive 5 mph faster or keeping our highways as safe as possible? Raising the legal speed limit another 5 mph serves no purpose. Drivers already drive that speed and faster.

Kenneth J. Andrews, Cary

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