Jesse Van Jackson: Outdated oysters

April 21, 2013 

Outdated oysters

Regarding the April 10 Life, etc. article “Put on your own low country oyster roast”: This article is out of date by at least 50 years.

The method is not safe or environmentally friendly because it uses a wood fire with oysters on metal where someone could easily be injured. Oysters in N.C. are typically steamed with a propane gas cooker in a pot that is like a turkey fryer with a wire basket inside.

A small amount of water is put in the pot. The oysters are put in a wire basket. The wire basket is put in the pot, above the water, and then a lid is put on the pot. After a few minutes the oysters are steamed and ready to eat.

The majority of consumers use cocktail sauce or butter, and almost no one uses vinegar. It’s a shame for you to use a story that is so out of date.

Jesse Van Jackson, Wilmington

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