Mary Alice Tetro: Not representative

April 21, 2013 

Not representative

Regarding the April 10 Under the Dome item “Lawmaker likens Islamic prayer to terrorism”:

State Rep. Michele Presnell, co-sponsor of a resolution declaring that North Carolina can reject laws made by the federal government and courts, stated N.C. can make its own laws involving religion. Reason? Rowan County commissioners have for years been opening public meetings with Christian prayers, as does the current legislature. When asked whether she would allow someone of another religion to pray at the beginning of these meetings, say someone of the Islamic faith, she said she would not want an Islamic prayer because “I do not condone terrorism.”

We keep seeing a side to these elected officials, people who seem unconscious to what their language and behaviors represent – intolerance, racism and bigotry.

I can’t help remembering the song from “South Pacific”: “You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, to hate all the people your relatives hate.”

To hear these statements coming from elected officials in our state, one would think we have regressed by decades. What a sad statement to anyone who lives outside North Carolina to think this group represents all of us. They do not.

Mary Alice Tetro, Raleigh

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