What small business owners learned from a recent digital marketing conference

Staff writerApril 22, 2013 

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges attended the Digital Marketing for Business conference at the Raleigh Convention Center and asked small business owners to share what they had learned.

•  “The most useful information was about Google+,” said Michael Marshall CEO of Internet Marketing Analysts in Raleigh. “First, how easy it is to use. Second, how important it is going to be because Google plans to integrate it into everything that they do.”

•  “How involved and complex digital marketing has become and a few key strategies that are going to help me connect to my ideal statistic,” said Bob Walton, Web developer and consultant for the Raleigh firm SEO for High Ranking.

•  “Basically creating personalized marketing campaigns to develop contacts, promote events and find jobs,” on LinkedIn, said Holly Larson, marketing consultant with Chapel Hill firm Scribble Studio.

•  “Number one (is meeting) some great new contacts who can potentially hire me,” said Barnsley Brown, president of Spirited Solutions. Brown is a professional speaker and coach who specializes in helping women and business owners have more time, energy and money. “Second, I am (coming away with) the importance of revamping my marketing strategy with more systems in place and lots of tips about how to optimize my website.”

•  “Learning that as an editor and a copywriter with an eye for layout and design, what I can do is help improve a company’s user experience on their websites,” said Rachel Pannell, a freelance editor and copywriter in Fuquay-Varina.

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