Susan Behrend: Real immigrant crisis

April 22, 2013 

Real immigrant crisis

With the brief immigration hearing in the Senate, politicians seemed to be saying, “trust us, we have it all figured out.”

Apparently it is a crisis when the politicians run out of voters they can count on to vote based on narrow interests. But the real crisis is unfolding in Boston, where the immigration system surely failed to protect Americans from so-called “immigrants” who didn’t want anything to do with us but did take advantage of our naïveté to kill innocent children.

More than 10 years since 9/11 we still don’t have a way to track people who overstay student visas and deport them? State department officials still can’t tell an immigrant from a terrorist. Things that should be flagged like an immigrant leaving the country for a six-month jaunt go unnoticed.

That is the real crisis in immigration: failure at every level for our government to enforce the laws we already have! We don’t need new laws, just new government employees. Did anyone lose their job after 9/11? Will anyone lose their job this time? I doubt it. We should not let ourselves be talked into yet another complex law that will not be enforced.

Susan Behrend


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