Does GOP resent lobbying rules?

April 22, 2013 

Robert Brawley, Republican North Carolina House member from Iredell County, meet your governor, Pat McCrory. The governor rode to victory by campaigning against evil Democrats loading up on campaign dollars and doing favors for their friends and hobnobbing with lobbyists.

Oh, they were bad, said then-candidate and now-Gov. McCrory. Gotta clean things up. Yessiree Bob.

So why, then, having been around politics long enough to have seen former Democratic House Speaker Jim Black go to federal prison on corruption charges, is Brawley seeking to weaken part of ethics rules installed in the wake of Black’s reign? Must be a misprint, right?


Brawley wants to remove a ban on lobbyists giving gifts to lawmakers. And they wouldn’t be required to report any gifts. Brawley says only that, “I see a lot of honesty and integrity around here,” “here” presumably being the Legislative Building.

Could it be that Republicans resent that during all those years when Democrats ruled and got showered with gifts from lobbyists all the GOP members got was an occasional key chain or just a howdy-do?

It’s hard to figure any other reason why Brawley would want to dismantle part of ethics oversight, particularly when his governor ran on it. And Brawley’s no rookie. He’s chairman of the Finance Committee.

Maybe he’s just having a little fun in advance of announcing even more strict ethics rules. That must be it. Really. Got to be...

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