Sheila Ogle: Help is MIA

April 23, 2013 

Help is MIA

I was interested in the March 25 article on Sen. Kay Hagan’s North Carolina Small Business Advisory Committee as I have been a small-business owner in Cary for 35 years.

During these hard economic times, many things have financially affected my small business but in particular the costly effect of federal regulations. These regulations have made it increasingly hard to keep our doors open, hire new employees and make a profit. This administration and Congress need to stop promising to help small businesses and actually start reforming our regulatory system, which will alleviate a huge burden.

I hope that Hagan’s committee can focus on taking action, not just talking about ideas. Our regulatory system, which focuses on regulations that aren’t even clear on what problems they are created to fix, is in need of a complete overhaul. Once Congress focuses on taking real, meaningful action on reforming our regulatory system, America’s small businesses will be able to invest and hire once again.

Sheila Ogle

CEO, The Matthews House, Cary

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