P.A. Woodward: Living in filth

April 24, 2013 

Living in filth

William J. Barber and Penda D. Hair missed the point in their April 10 Point of View piece “Choosing to stand up to suppression.” They pointed out that because of recent voting laws “between 2004 and 2008, North Carolina had the largest increase in voter participation in the nation” as if that were a good thing. They are wrong.

As a lifelong Republican, I am ecstatic that we have both the governor’s mansion and a majority in both chambers of the General Assembly. But I, along with other Republicans, realize that these majorities may soon end. We’ve hoodwinked the voters of North Carolina for now, but how long can it last?

Through our repeal of governmental protection of individuals, relaxation of gun laws, attack on education and repeal of governmental protection of the environment, we may soon realize our vision of North Carolina as a state of short-lived, ignorant saps living in our own filth. How long can we expect the voters of North Carolina to vote for that vision?

In order to maintain our majorities, we must do all that we can to suppress voting in this state. That’s what our benefactors – the insurance industry, big oil, the filthy rich, etc. – would have us do.

P.A. Woodward


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