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Cheap Eats: Sandwiches

CorrespondentApril 25, 2013 

Ah, springtime in North Carolina. Sunny days, temperatures still comfortably south of steam bath. Makes you want to grab a sandwich and go sit under a tree, doesn’t it?

As long as you’re at it, might as well make it a really, really good sandwich.

Anvil’s Cheesesteaks

2893 Jones Franklin Road, Raleigh; 919-854-0558;

Try: Authentic Philly cheesesteak; garlic roast pork hoagie.

Foster’s Market

2694 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham (919-489-3944); 750 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Chapel Hill (919- 967-3663);

Try: Seven-pepper jelly grilled cheese, tarragon chicken salad, turkey Cobb wrap.


2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham; 919-401-2600;

Try: House-roasted turkey, brie and apple chutney; roasted beets and blue cheese on rustic house bread.

Hotpoint Deli

1718 Walnut St., Cary; 919-460-6299;

Try: Roast Beast (rare roast beef), Felix the Cat (tortilla-crusted catfish), Thanksgiving on a Bun.

La Farm Bakery

4248 NW Cary Pkwy., at Preston Corners, Cary; 919-657-0657;

Try: Albacore tuna salad on ciabatta, Le Parisien (ham, Gruyère and butter on baguette).

Merritt’s Store & Grill

1009 S. Columbia St., Chapel Hill; 919-942-4897;

Try: The definitive BLT (especially when local tomatoes are in season). Available as a single, double- or triple-decker. Goldilocks says the double is just right.

Old Havana Sandwich Shop

310 E. Main St., Durham; 919-667-9525;

Try: Any of several variations on the Cuban sandwich, from Havana (the original Cubano) to Tampa (add salami) to El Caney (with avocado).

Neal’s Deli

100-C E. Main St., Carrboro; 919-967-2185;

Try: Breakfast biscuits; anything with house-cured pastrami.

Parker and Otis

112 S. Duke St., Durham; 919-683-3200;

Try: Grilled pimento cheese on sourdough (splurge on bacon); curried chicken salad, white bean spread, avocado and sprouts on wheat.


407 W. Franklin St., Chapel Hill; 919-919-2114;

Try: Meatloaf with bacon and cheddar on grilled sourdough; Spanish sardines, oven-dried tomatoes, chiles and preserved lemon on crusty roll.

Spize Café

121-108 Fayetteville St., Raleigh; 919-828-5000;

Try: Banh mi-inspired baguettes, ranging from grilled Chinese eggplant, mushroom, fresh basil and chile paste to grilled pork loin with lemongrass and honey mayo.


345 W. Main St., Durham; 919-683-2183;

Try: Variations on a theme of panini. Take your pick.

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