Lynn Johnson: Voter ID not worth it

April 25, 2013 

Not worth it

OK, we have $3.6 million in the state coffers to pay for action on a problem that doesn’t seem to exist, but we can’t afford Meals on Wheels for seniors who cannot prepare meals for themselves. Seems sort of backward, doesn’t it?

To make the voter ID bill worse, now I read that a valid photo ID can be a driver’s license from another state. Huh? If you are a resident of N.C., you are supposed to have a driver’s license from this state within 30 days of establishing residence. Military members stationed in N.C. have the option of maintaining their legal residences in any state, but they should be voting in the state where they hold legal residence. It would seem that the use of this form of ID would open the gates to more voter fraud rather than less.

I work elections. There have been minimal attempts at what we suspect to be fraud, and none of those votes was counted. I would suggest that there is much more of a chance of fraud in absentee ballots and in the “register and vote the same day” plan currently in effect. I like the idea of early voting, but if a person can’t register to vote 30 days before an election, he probably isn’t concerned enough to have their opinion count.

Lynn Johnson


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