Wyatt Medlin: Too little, too late at State

April 27, 2013 

Too little, too late at State

Campus Safety? Just hours after an N.C. State student reported being sexually assaulted near the Free Expression Tunnel on April 25, I witnessed N.C. State employees installing security cameras near the tunnel.

Instead of being proactive and installing cameras sooner, the student’s safety remained at risk and suddenly N.C. State had a change of heart and installed them, just hours after an unfortunate incident with a student.

Attend any athletic event at N.C. State, and there will be many security guards lining the court in bright yellow jackets to ensure the safety of participants. However, students walking across campus only see lighted stations with a help button. Students are warned to only walk in lit areas, stay in groups and watch your surroundings, but when a situation like this sexual assault happens who will be there to confirm and watch out for students?

Let’s be proactive N.C. State, not reactive for student’s safety.

Wyatt Medlin


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