C. Franklin Church: CCNC win-win

April 27, 2013 

CCNC win-win

Responding to Dr. Aaron George’s April 25 Point of View piece “Ruining an enviable program”:

Since the N.C. legislature is debating options, Community Care of North Carolina is not yet “ruined.” And although I have little experience in the arena of politics, I must assume that those representing us in the legislature are examining all options without undue influence from the various stakeholders.

However, I am more than curious that it appears that neither Gov. Pat McCrory’s inner circle nor any of the committee chairs in the legislature have chosen to consult or request opinions from the N.C. Medical Society, the N.C. Academy of Family Physicians, the N.C. Academy of Pediatrics or from Dr. Allen Dobson of CCNC, potentially powerful allies in implementing change.

CCNC has proven to be a highly successful model that can easily be modified to provide the coverage demanded by the Medicaid program. CCNC has been shown to have saved the state millions and when expanded would prove to be a win-win for all concerned and a healthy partnership for all North Carolinians.

C. Franklin Church, M.D.

Past President, N.C. Academy of Family Physicians


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