Gil Burroughs: Tenure tricks

April 27, 2013 

Tenure tricks

Terry Stoops in his April 23 Point of View article seemed to have a somewhat clouded view. His claim that current policies “provide employment protection to teachers regardless of competence or performance” is blatantly wrong in that there are 15 specific reasons for termination, starting with “inadequate performance.”

He later claims legislators are committed to maintaining reasonable “due process” protections, which is 50 percent cloudy at best since the Senate version makes no mention of due process at all and the House version alludes to it only for teachers who have favorable evaluations who should have no need of it.

He touts the proposed legislation’s reliance on teacher evaluation for making “tenure” decisions, apparently forgetting he earlier stated that “observations by school administrators are unreliable and seldom reflect the quality of classroom instruction.”

It might be informative to check out sources, for example, John Locke Foundation and National Council on Teacher Quality, as I always taught my students to do during my 27 years teaching high school physics and chemistry.

Gil Burroughs


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