Kev Creech: Teacher quality not ‘low’

April 27, 2013 

Quality not ‘low’

No wonder there’s a widespread belief that the GOP is out to get North Carolina public school teachers! According to Terry Stoops, director of research and education studies for the John Locke Foundation, “the overall quality of the states’ teacher work force is alarmingly low” (“A chance to raise standards” April 23).

Public education can always be improved, but the vast majority of public school teachers range from good to exceptional. I’m not just saying this because I taught public school for years, either.

Out of all of the 63 different public school teachers combined that my three children have encountered (elementary, middle, and high school), exactly two of them have been “bad” teachers, and one of those teachers is no longer in the classroom. That’s 3 percent of the public school teachers my children have been exposed to in grades K-10 so far, which hardly represents an “overall quality.”

Kev Creech


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