Lawrence Evans: Teacher tenure about money

April 27, 2013 

Tenure about money

In his long Point of View about teacher tenure (“A chance to raise standards” April 23) Terry Stoops of the John Locke Foundation claimed that: “High-quality teachers produce superior academic outcomes for students, regardless of a child’s challenges and circumstances.”

Anyone who has taught at any level for more than a semester knows this is false – unless Stoops has a very elastic definition of “superior academic outcomes.”

I’ve taught for almost 50 years at Duke University, which picks its students carefully, and I have never known anyone who could claim “superior academic outcomes” for all students. How much more unlikely is it at schools that must accept all students in a given age range?

This falsehood is designed, like many of the efforts of Pope-supported think-tanks, to undermine respect and support for state-run education, primarily by maligning the teachers. These groups have no expertise in education that is worth space in your paper. What they do have is an agenda and lots of money.

Lawrence Evans


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