L.D. Ballance Jr.: Cursive is so yesterday

April 29, 2013 

Cursive is so yesterday

Regarding the Senate bill requiring students to learn cursive writing and multiplication tables, and the comment by a senator “They have the right to know the same types of things we knew when we were coming along” (“Senate passes bill requiring teaching of cursive writing” April 26): Well then, why don’t we return to plowing with a mule and using an abacus?

No wonder other countries are surpassing us in the educational process! As a product of the 1960s, many students like me have suffered from “writer’s cramp” of the hand and shoulders from “cursive writing” and struggled with a slide rule in college that has now been replaced by a $9 calculator. Thank goodness I took typing in high school so today I can choose which font to use while on the computer!

L.D. Ballance Jr.

Rocky Mount

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