Griffin Butler: No protecting us

April 29, 2013 

No protecting us

Regarding “Push against gun rights senators may backfire” (April 23): While I personally believe that requiring background checks for firearms purchases, in most circumstances, makes sense, I don’t need the government or anyone else to protect me from myself.

I am an adult and completely able to make my own decisions regarding my safety and well-being. Anyone who abdicates these responsibilities to the government will get what they asked for and more, a reduction in personal freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

Government cannot protect every citizen from every danger present in a modern society. The responsibility rests on the citizens to be diligent and safety-conscious while pursuing their daily activities. Those who act outside of societal norms and become a danger to others should be punished to the full extent of the existing laws.

To expect that the government bureaucracy can or will effectively protect us from ourselves is naive at best.

Griffin Butler


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