Katherine Holmes: Asion tackled crime

April 29, 2013 

Asion a success

Our Department of Public Safety should reconsider its decision of firing former State Capitol Police acting Chief Tony Asion (“Police chief’s firing upheld” April 25) and give him a merit and raise for thinking proactively.

We have a known problem and attractive nuisance in our community that causes dangerous activity and crime but our city won’t shut down. We have underappreciated paid staff in our police department who can use some extra cash in their pockets. Tony resolved both problems by providing well-trained babysitters to assist in controlling crime in the community rather than have half-wit bar bouncers who create more problems. He built the morale in his department with increased salary opportunities, and he established respect and a community relationship with his men to locals by building a community bond and presence demonstrating a strategic alliance of “we will control crime not let it control us.”

Got to wonder what our DPS or who is running it is thinking of beside their own agenda? Who’s in charge up there? We seriously need to look at their resume and reconsider them at the next appointment time. His tactics were probably some of the most proactive moves I have ever seen this city use.

Katherine Holmes


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