Assad Meymandi: A wise choice

April 29, 2013 

A wise choice

I have been reading The N&O for more than 50 years and have tolerated its left-leaning content and editorials. I am also aware that as a public trust it is the newspapers’ duty to turn knowledge and information into wisdom.

Manufacturing wisdom from knowledge and information is the primary function of any public newspaper. Wisdom does not bear labels of Republican and Democrat. Wisdom is politically neutral. The N&O has been openly political and unwise.

I am happy to observe only recently the paper’s editorial content changing and asymptotically approaching the sacred axis of wisdom.

Such was the lead editorial “The Bush Library” on April 26. The editorial objectively, factually and wisely opined on the positives and the flaws of G.W. Bush’s administration. The editorial was the closest thing to wisdom I have seen in the opinion pages of the N&O in many a moon. Congratulations.

Assad Meymandi


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