Give Mom a handcrafted gift for her day

ajohnson@newsobserver.comMay 1, 2013 

Check out a mother’s keepsakes and you’ll be sure to find among them a handmade craft from her child – a misshapen piece of pottery, a whimsically painted flowerpot, a handprint set in a garden stone. They’re adorable!

Somehow, though, the charm goes away as momma’s baby ages. Try wrapping up that sweater with the too-long arm and the raggedy edging for Mother’s Day when you’re 40. Bet it won’t matter that you made it yourself.

Don’t despair. For those who’ve grown up to be craft-impaired, we offer a few crafted delights – by somebody else– that offer the sweet allure of the handmade item, while also ensuring Mom gets the quality she deserves. You can also attend The Handmade Market ( Saturday at City Market in Raleigh (in Cobblestone Hall, at Person and Martin streets), and find a slew of other handcrafted items.

Hey, you can still make the card yourself.

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