Gary L. Evans: Too much math

May 1, 2013 

Too much math

The writer of “Cuts exceed 10 percent” (April 25) needs to get his understanding about the sequestration as well as his math corrected. First, there is no actual “cut” in spending whatsoever. The only “cut” is the increase in federal spending from last year to this year and that “cut” in the increase is but 2 percent.

The federal government is spending more money in FY13 than in FY12. What has the liberals up in arms is because they now must spend 2 percent less than they first thought. Oh my!

And, as for the $85 billion? That isn’t the number for FY13. The amount is $42.5 billion because when sequestration was put in place this year there were six months left in the year. $85 billion divided by two equals $42.5 billion. Get it now?

Gary L. Evans


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