Michael B. LaGraff: Stam off base

May 2, 2013 

Stam off base

Rep. Paul Stam justifies his proposed legislation on school choice (“Wide support for school choice” May 1) by saying that “traditional schools will have slightly less money and slightly fewer students but will receive approximately the same amount in per-pupil funding as before.”

The truth is that a “traditional school” by law must accept and educate any person under the age of 16 regardless of any other factors. A private school will not do the same – they will take the cream from the public school, and if it curdles on them they will send it back.

It does not cost the same to educate each student; in fact, it is much cheaper to educate an intelligent, self-motivated student than one with learning disabilities or physical disabilities. Yes, some, the lucky, will get a better education, but on the whole the majority will be sacrificed.

Michael B. LaGraff


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