Robert Merriam: Long view best for refuge

May 2, 2013 

Long view best for refuge

This is to express gratitude to Eugene Yacobson for the April 26 informative piece, “All the reasons for more refuge.”

In it Yacobson didn’t just plead for people to back a proposed plan to expand the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, he actually did the harder work of explaining why the proposal in the long run was better for both the people and the economy of North Carolina.

He changed my first negative impulse about the proposal because he was able to show why the reasonable concerns of Rep. Walter Jones about loss of tax revenue were short-sighted. The one- or two-year view ahead that politicians often use too often comes up short in the natural world where responses to human intervention are much slower, and it is difficult to anticipate more diffuse but long-lasting impacts less than 25 years ahead.

Robert Merriam

Chapel Hill

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