Katherine Stein: Real GOP agenda

May 2, 2013 

Real GOP agenda

When the Republican Party took control of the state of North Carolina, I didn’t freak out too much. I had been awhile since there had been a party change, and change is good. It helps to get rid of the hidden dirt and dust that can build. I’ve tried to keep an open mind.

But I am getting rather annoyed at the actual agendas displayed. Instead of focusing on jobs, state debt, education and tax reduction, they have been busy trying to establish Christianity as the official “state” religion, taxing parents of voting college students, requiring photo ID to cast a vote and now E.S. “Buck” Newton wants to further challenge a citizen’s right to vote by denying ex-felons, who have served their time, their right to vote.

I was under the impression that when someone served their time, they paid their debt to society. Why should they have to wait five years and have two registered voters attest to their “upstanding moral character”?

It seems the true Republican agenda is to prevent voters from casting votes instead of actually earning those votes in the future.

Katherine Stein


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