Make a mini scrapbook to remember spring

Scripps Howard News SerbiceMay 3, 2013 

Create a mini scrapbook that is decorated with fabulous floral papers to commemorate Spring.


I can’t help but notice all of the spring flowers in my yard, at the nursery and even at the supermarket – and that’s just the beginning. Craft stores are also filled with flower embellishment and sheets and rolls of floral paper. With such great inspiration, how could you not want to dig in and make something to commemorate spring?

One option is to create a mini-scrapbook decorated with fabulous floral papers. It’s easy to create a custom scrapbook by folding up the bottom of a long paper strip, then accordion-folding the strip into individual pages.

The result will be a mini-book with a pocket at the bottom of each page. If you want it to act less like a display and more like a book, you can fasten the page backs together with adhesive.

Once the basic format is created, the real fun begins.

The page pockets are perfect for holding everything from photos to souvenirs to journaling tags that tell the story behind the photos. Seed packets and dried flowers will fit nicely into the pockets, and will remind you of the flowers you planted and cut to display in your home.

I sometimes cut embellishments out of pages torn from a magazine with perfume ads (with the scent inside). They will make the pages smell like flowers.

As much as I love flowers, I’m not crazy about a scrapbook that is completely filled with floral photos. For me, the book really comes alive with the addition of people and pets, so I try to be sure to include photos of my friends and family enjoying the yard and the flowers.

Over time, my yard has changed a lot. I added a bridge a few years back, and additional patio furniture. But mostly the changes are a result of things growing and my adding new plants every year.

As time passes, I’m sure I will enjoy looking back and remembering the gorgeous poppies or heirloom tomatoes and the 2013 spring.

Genovese: sgenovese1@cox.net or scrapbookshowgram.com

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