Karen Crutchfield: Public education best

May 3, 2013 

Public education best

I am not one whom Paul Stam counts as supporting a broad program of school choice (“Wide support for school choice,” May 1 letter). Nor do I agree with the writer of the April 30 letter “Liberaland sad” who implied that “peace, harmony and inclusion” are second-tier values in our country. Instead, they are the bedrock values this country was built on.

Yes, there is an important role in our country for private education. But Stam oversimplifies the financial impact of school choice on public education, as if it is simply a “dollar out, dollar in” equation. Of more concern is that he fails to consider the important and historic role of a truly inclusive public education system: providing an opportunity for all to learn from and live with those who are different from each other.

A splintered education system, paid for by public tax dollars, will never produce a society in which all strive for the common good.

Karen Crutchfield, Snow Hill

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