Kimberly Calhoun: Steps to bus safety

May 5, 2013 

Steps to bus safety

Regarding the April 30 Road Worrier column “Stop for that bus – or else”: Any accident and death at a stopped school bus is one too many. We are not taking all the necessary precautions to avoid such tragedies.

First, every bus should be routed to pick up kids so they do not have to cross the street to board. Stop cutting corners and do it right. UPS routes its trucks so they don’t take left turns to avoid accidents. Why can’t we make changes to protect our most precious packages in the world? Second, there are a lot of things distracting our focus from the stopped bus lights, so let’s improve the stop sign. Make it bigger, stronger, brighter and louder and not just in color with lights. Add a loud alarm on it, not a horn because we ignore horns. Make that stop sign arm unbreakable.

These are two simple changes that take little effort, time and money. Are our children’s lives worth the few extra steps and pennies this will take? Or do we want to give lawyers job security defending those who break the law?

Kimberly Calhoun, Raleigh

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