John Delafield: Solar cheap in long run

May 5, 2013 

Cheap in long run

In regard to the critical letters on April 29 concerning the cost of solar electricity (“Solar subsidies,” “Need some numbers”):

When you consider that solar modules rarely stop working prior to their 40-year actual life expectancy, the cost per kWh is closer to 5 cents per kWh. So, can we please have the conversation based on real, current cost numbers? Why people want to get their knickers in a twist over the cost of job-creating, pollution-free solar power is just beyond my comprehension.

Try doing the math on the cost of solar electricity when used to power electric vehicles. Hint: it’s about a buck per gallon equivalent. Reducing my transportation costs by 70 percent and getting powered by the sun is somehow a bad thing?

John Delafield


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