Bill Jensen: Solar farm denied

May 5, 2013 

Solar farm denied

Regarding the denial by the Robeson County Board of Commissioners of a 35-acre solar farm on 64 acres (“Durham solar firm appeals permit denial” April 29): I am astounded that the vote was against this program.

By using only 35 acres of the 64-acre tract, the visual impact would be minimal. After construction, there would be no traffic impact. There are no obnoxious gasses. There is no light pollution or spillover. There is no noise problem. There is no impact to the schools. The public service requirement is almost nonexistent, and the tax base is increased. And, clean renewable energy will be produced by this project that will eliminate tons of carbon dioxide and many obnoxious gasses from entering the atmosphere.

Less coal ash that leaks heavy metals into our streams will be produced and stored in dangerous wet-ponds.

Bring this program to Apex, and I will vote for it.

Bill Jensen

Apex Town Council


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