Kim Martin: N.C. no role model

May 5, 2013 

N.C. no role model

Rep. Mike Hager and 16 conservative organizations want to end North Carolina’s renewables policy in order that N.C. be a role model for free markets (“Hager digs in to keep bill alive” May 1).

If supply and demand are the basis for a free-market economy, and the prices of goods and services are set in a free-price system, I can assume that Hager and his allies will be eliminating all tax breaks and subsidies that businesses currently enjoy.

In 2011 N.C. gave Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds more than $10 million in tax credits. North Carolina can strive to be like Texas, the state which gives the most incentives (on average more than $19 billion annually). Of course, Texas has one of the highest poverty rates in the country and most of the “new” jobs created are minimum wage.

I look forward to seeing how a truly “free-market economy” will work in North Carolina.

Kim Martin


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