Molly S. Castelloe: Entwined by tragedy

May 6, 2013 

Entwined by tragedy

Regarding the May 4 article “Raleigh cyclist hit, killed by car”: “The heart wants to work,” says the homepage for Jobs for Life, a nonprofit co-founded by Christopher Charles Mangum.

I would never know this man except in the wake of swift tragedy. Mangum’s bicycle collided with a car when my aging father, not seeing him, turned left on Marlowe Road.

Jobs for Life teaches the importance of purposeful work. We are reminded that the learning of character is never fully complete, but a lifetime’s unfolding.

Why does the heart ache to toil? Mangum knew that each of us has a special gift of labor, a unique “workprint.” And through our efforts we give back to the world as no one else can. For when the work fits us right, others profit, too, from our integrity. Mangum helped build the road infrastructure around Wake County, but he also wove tighter the economic and emotional threads of community.

A child of the Great Depression, my father, too, values the importance of meaningful work.

We honor the life of Mangum, reach out to his family in this time of shared loss and stand together in mourning.

Molly S. Castelloe, Raleigh

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