Mike Linker, David Orr: Hitts stepped up

May 7, 2013 

Hitts stepped up

Your May 1 article “One farm grows many farmers” about Alex and Betsy Hitt was an apt description of them. We came to know them in the 1980s when we began research on organic farming methods and pest management in particular.

At that time, N.C. State University did not have an adequate facility for conducting this type of research so we went to the organic community for cooperators. Alex and Betsy were among the first to volunteer. We, along with our graduate students, mined them for information. They patiently worked with us and our students. All the many graduate students who worked with them came away from the experience with respect for them both as farmers and people. We will always appreciate that they were willing to let us use their farm for our research and graduate education.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that other organic farmers also were important contributors during this period. Our thanks to the Hitts and all the other organic farmers who stepped up when we needed them!

Mike Linker

Emeritus professor of Crop Science and Entomology, N.C. State, Raleigh

David Orr

Professor, Department of Entomology, N.C. State, Raleigh

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