Connie Domino: Jobs, not jokes

May 8, 2013 

Jobs, not jokes

Can someone ask the American Legislative Exchange Council if it will develop some legislative templates for creating jobs in North Carolina? Since this unelected body seems to be running our state (“Private group carries sway,” May 7 article) perhaps we should go to it with our legislative requests.

My mother was a child during the Great Depression. When I was little, I asked her what the word “depression” meant. She gave the clearest and simplest definition I’ve heard: A depression is when money is taken out of circulation, and a recovery is when money is placed back into circulation.

There are several ways to increase money circulation. One is to ask the wealthy and large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. Another is to create secure jobs with a living wage. Lastly, tie increased corporate tax breaks to increased job creation. When money starts flowing, it builds upon itself, and everyone benefits.

Giving the wealthy larger tax breaks hasn’t worked in three decades. To attract beneficial corporations, they must feel they’re coming to a top-rated place to live and raise a family. Destructive laws made fun of almost nightly by TV comedians isn’t the recipe.

Connie Domino


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