Hylton Lawrence: Raleigh roulette

May 8, 2013 

Raleigh roulette

I am really wondering whether I should have supported Pat McCrory as governor. He has given out jobs obviously paying back political favors. I wonder what his buddies at the legislature are thinking.

I am all in favor of the right to bear arms. Do we really need to let folks carry weapons into bars and on college campuses? The law is that you cannot carry a concealed weapon while consuming alcohol.

Why would anyone sponsor a bill to let you carry a concealed weapon into a bar? What do people do when they go to a bar? They drink, which I have no problem with. Why do you need to carry a weapon? It is like an accident waiting to happen.

I am starting to think the bunch in Raleigh now is as bad as the last bunch we had there. Just different political parties.

Hylton Lawrence


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