Brian Boutin: Environmental jobs ‘real’

May 9, 2013 

Environmental jobs ‘real’

I have been reading with equal amounts of interest and disgust the justification that our Republican legislators have been giving for severely scaling back environmental protection laws in North Carolina in the name of economic and job growth. What has not been addressed are the effects on jobs for those of us who make a living in the environmental services industry.

There are thousands of people in North Carolina who work to assist companies in complying with environmental regulations, ranging from engineers, geologists, drillers, laboratory workers, materials suppliers, equipment rental companies and surveyors, among others. The effects of the laws moving through our legislature are already being felt in the form of a significant slowdown in work, with most environmental services companies either ceasing hiring of new employees or laying off workers. This is having a real impact on people and their families in North Carolina and will likely send many to the roles of the unemployed.

Perhaps our Republican legislators regard jobs in the environmental services industry as not being “real” jobs in the same way they view state jobs. I can assure them that for those working in the industry they are indeed “real” jobs.

Brian Boutin


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