Jim Nolan: NR-what?

May 9, 2013 


The other day, a clue in the paper’s crossword was “Hunter’s Org,” and there was a three-letter grid for the answer. Immediately I surmised the answer was “NRA,” but then I thought, I bet there are many NRA members who are not hunters but simply gun owners. Many are pistol owners and many never hunt so I propose the National Rifle Association is a misnomer and should change its name.

Maybe more suitable names would be the PP (Pistol Packers) or the PAC for Shooters or ADA (Ammo Dispensers of America) or the PPP ( Paranoid Packing People) or SOGS (Supporters of Guns).

Any of these is more emblematic than calling its members “hunters.” Calling this hodgepodge an organization of hunters is like calling the Supreme Court the “Black Robed Oracles of Absolute Truth,” and we all know that to be far from reality.

I know many true hunters who express privately to me they are for more stringent background checks and believe their leadership has gone too far protecting the Second Amendment, which will never be infringed upon.

Jim Nolan

Morehead City

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