Make your foyer inviting to guests

Scripps Howard News ServiceMay 10, 2013 

One way to make the inside of your front door stand out is to paint it a bold color., such as zen and pure white from BEHR.


There has been plenty of discussion about making the outside of your front door attractive and inviting to guests and passers-by. But why not make inside doors special and different, too?

One way to make the inside of your front door stand out is to paint it a bold color. Pick a color that works with your decor, or one that picks up a special color in the area of your door – such as one from the upholstery, or an interesting color in some artwork.

If you want to get really creative and your door has raised panels, you might consider painting just the panels a special color, or keep the panels neutral and give the rest of the door the color.

Then comes the foyer. This is where guests get their first impression of your home. Make it special. The entire foyer area could be painted a special color. If space permits, include a plant. If the space is narrow, choose a tall plant so you don’t crowd those who enter or leave through that area.

Then move on to other doors in the house. Hallways that have several doors can be made interesting when you paint the hallway side of the doors in a bright color. That might be all you need. If the hallway is long, and there is a plain wall at the end, that wall should get attention – maybe with artwork or a grouping of mirrors. Depending on the art or the mirrors, you might consider painting the wall behind them a bold color, too.

Your front entrance and hallway would do well with an area rug. The rug should certainly have the color you’ve chosen for the door. If you can afford it, have a rug custom made to your specific colors and pattern of choice. If not, don’t worry because there are tons of rugs out there to choose from. You just have to do a little shopping.

Lighting is important in every room, including the entrance and the hallways. An attractive chandelier at the entrance sets the tone for the house and illuminates the entrance to welcome guests. Be sure the chandelier has a dimmer switch so the light can match the mood. The hallway needs good lighting as well. Here you might be wise to bring in a lighting expert for ideas. A well-lit hallway is attractive and interesting.

Is your hallway extra-long or extra-tall? If it’s extra-long, paint the wall at the end of the hall a dark color. The dark color will advance and give the impression of being close. Is the hall ceiling high? A chair rail will help balance the look, and it could work even if the ceiling isn’t tall by adding character.

Mull over the possibilities and have fun with your choices.


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