MaryJane Selgrade: Righteous indignation

May 10, 2013 

Righteous indignation

Following the gun bill defeat, many decried lawmakers who sold out to the NRA, which spent $25 million on the last election. However, the U.S. electorate is equally to blame. Moneyed interests (not just the NRA) stir up righteous indignation (via costly political ads) over isolated issues (although the real goal is concentration of wealth among a few). Duped voters behave illogically.

Pro life advocates vote for candidates who are anti-abortion but do nothing to control the sale of semi-automatic weapons, the sole purpose of which is to commit first-degree murder. Evidently, these folks think it is OK to limit women’s rights to make decisions about their bodies, but not OK to limit the rights of the mentally ill and criminals to own weapons that are only good for drive-by shootings and public massacres.

Similarly, we blast gay marriage because the Bible says it’s wrong, but lately our state has done many things that hurt the poor. The Bible says far more about helping the sick, poor and downtrodden than about homosexuality.

Currently, our lawmakers are bought, not elected. This will only change when votes are based on critical, big picture thinking, not righteous indignation.

MaryJane Selgrade


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