Heather Garrabrant: Church acted wisely

May 10, 2013 

Church acted wisely

Ironically, Barry Saunders was quick to judge a church and its parishioners for being quick to judge, or act on, what they perceived was a person who was possibly a danger to himself and others (“Church’s fear trumps its heart” May 9).

As all of us were gripped by the events in Boston in April, the message we heard from law enforcement repeatedly was, “If you see something, say something,” to prevent any further tragedies in our country.

Just because the parishioners of Longview Baptist called police to report what they felt was a possible imminent threat to the gentleman who briefly visited the service, or others, does not mean they do not care about him or others new to the church. They did the right thing to call for help if they felt there was possible danger. Now they can do the right thing by following up with this family to invite them to worship again.

But, Barry, please don’t judge the heart of a church by the actions it takes when it perceives danger to its members or the community.

Heather Garrabrant, Raleigh

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