Margie Sved: Mental health services ending

May 11, 2013 

Services ending

Thank you for your recent articles about individuals with mental illness and jails. Most people don’t know that Wake County is about to change how it provides mental health services, especially to those without insurance.

Because of changes in N.C. mental health laws, for the past 12 years, most counties have “divested” themselves of mental health services they used to provide. Wake County Human Services has moved treatment to other Wake agencies over the past several years. But by the end of June, Wake County Human Services will close its remaining behavioral/mental health services. There will still be treatment – some provided by UNC, some provided by other agencies – but no longer can anyone turn to Wake County Human Services for treatment of mental illness.

I am a psychiatrist and have been employed by the state or Wake County for almost 30 years. I appreciate that I have been able to provide continuity of care for the clients I see and thank Wake County for the opportunity to work with those people who most need my expertise. However, I am surprised that there has been no publicity for such a major change in services for Wake County residents.

Margie Sved, Raleigh

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