Janie Freeman: Way to report ‘qualms’

May 11, 2013 

More than ‘qualms’

The N&O is to be congratulated for its fine article about the protests at the state legislature (“Protesters risk arrest to air qualms with GOP,” May 10).

The headline, however, belittles the movement by saying the protesters have “qualms” with the GOP. A qualm is a weak word to describe the dismantling of an entire N.C. history of joint action by both political parties to provide health, education and security to its citizens. The “qualms” are about cutting early childhood education, privatizing our public school system, reducing unemployment benefits, limiting Medicare and Social Security and finally a tax code that favors the wealthy and penalizes the majority.

The article reports that the Republicans contend that they are doing the business of the people who voted them into office. It would be more accurate for Republicans to say that they are doing the business of the wealthy who paved their way into office. The Republicans know that their agenda does not reflect the will of North Carolinians. That is why they are trying to quickly pass voter restrictive laws to cement the rule of money over democracy.

The N&O is playing a vital role in reporting the facts. If the people know the facts and act, then democracy works.

Janie Freeman, Chapel Hill

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