Cecil Frost: Water control is next

May 12, 2013 

Water control is next

Are we ready for $100 a month water bills? Radical lawmakers in Raleigh are considering a bill that forces some municipalities to turn over their water systems to a new, unelected, state-sanctioned entity. They are hoping to pull this off before anyone knows that this power grab by the state is a first step in consolidating and selling off public water supplies to for-profit exploiters.

Wall Street investors are eager to buy up and own public water supplies in order to have monopolies on something everyone has to have. They have succeeded in other countries, causing a furor when they began raising water rates to bleed the people.

Converting publically owned utilities to for-profit monopolies is a major goal of right-wing ideology. The first step is to get control of a municipal water system by a state government “board” that can then create for itself the legal authority to sell it off.

Control of the water systems that we have bought and paid for is best done by local elected officials who live in our communities and are accountable to voters.

Cecil Frost


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