Louis Gerics: No level field

May 12, 2013 

No level field

The opponents of the Renewable Portfolio Standard in N.C. appear to be quite a disingenuous lot (“Hager digs in to keep bill alive” April 30). They rail against the relatively small subsidies to renewables but say not a word regarding the $72 billion a year going to the fossil fuel industry nor do I hear a peep from them regarding the nuclear utility industry; an industry wholly reliant upon massive subsidies and other government props and handouts.

I would suggest that Americans for Prosperity president Dallas Woodhouse and his ilk remove the logs in their eyes before bothering with the renewable energy speck. Or have the decency to lobby for all energy subsidies to be removed. As a practitioner of solar architecture for nearly 30 years, I believe we would do quite well with a level playing field, but the likes of Woodhouse and Rep. Mike Hager do not seem to think a level playing field is an American value. They seem to prefer a highly socialized energy policy.

Louis Gerics


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