Gene Addesso: Damaging doctrine

May 13, 2013 

Damaging doctrine

During the past weeks, we have learned at least two important points on relying on the current administration for protection.

First, if you are in our foreign service and are in eminent danger from terrorists, you can rely on military action taken by the Commander-in-Chief only if it is not politically damaging and only if it is not close to an election. If those conditions exist, you must fend for yourself.

Second, if you are an American citizen exercising your rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution and that action is in opposition to the Obama policy or doctrine, you are in danger of being audited and harassed by the Internal Revenue Service (“Report: IRS knew tea party was targeted in 2011,” May 12 news story).

If this defines President Obama’s policies in his desire to “transform America,” I want no part of them, and I suggest they be summarily rejected by all who appreciate our freedom and individualism.

Gene Addesso, Raleigh

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