Bill Fletcher: A bad bill

May 13, 2013 

A bad bill

What problem are lawmakers trying to fix? SB236 would take the responsibility for designing, building and owning our public schools – schools that enable our quality instructional program – and transfer it all to the county commissioners.

Today, every construction project and budget must be approved by the school board and the county commission. It’s been a good process for taxpayers. This legislation removes the school system from having any input into what is built, where it is built and when it is built. It abolishes the system of checks and balances that has worked well for Wake County residents for decades.

The people responsible for providing high-quality education in safe, nurturing environments will have absolutely no say in what goes into new schools and renovations in the future. All decisions about future school buildings will rest with only the county commissioners.

This is bad legislation and should be stopped. It is a bad fix for a problem we don’t have.

Bill Fletcher, Cary

The writer represents District 9 on the Wake County Board of Education.

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