Patrick Murphy: Bill should target parents

May 13, 2013 

Wrong target

The House Republicans are again seeking to expand their big government control over other (always other) personal lives with their bill eliminating the rights of teenage citizens to obtain legal medication, such as birth control, without the permission of their parents (“State bill strengthens parental control,” May 8).

Supporters say the intention is to restore parental control over their children’s lives. The House Republicans are using their power to legislate the conversion of uninterested parents into concerned parents. Parents who have lost control over their children’s lives cannot regain it through an act of big government. This bill will give newly concerned parents the right to deny legal birth control to teenagers in an attempt to re-establish the illusion that they are participating in their children’s lives.

Perhaps the House Republicans should consider the application of their favorite logic to this issue: Birth control doesn’t cause pregnancy, disinterested parents do. Pass a bill to regulate parents, not teenagers.

The time for parents to become involved in these matters is before medical problems arise. This House Republican attempt to legislate parental veto power over birth control for teenagers is, as the expression goes, a day late and a dollar short.

Patrick Murphy, Durham

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