Dennis L. Taylor: CHP holders pass test

May 13, 2013 

Holders pass test

I feel compelled to write about your misrepresentations concerning concealed carry gun laws in North Carolina (“Against the wind,” April 30 editorial).

You continue to disparage legal Concealed Handgun Permit holders by equating them with the thugs and imbeciles who commit crimes. In North Carolina those who wish to acquire a CHP must attend a state-approved course, pass the test at the conclusion of the course, be fingerprinted and have a background check performed by the sheriff, before their permit is issued. These citizens are among the most vetted and law-abiding in the state.

The restrictions placed on where they may exercise their right are ridiculous. The proposed change allowing carry into restaurants and bars where alcoholic beverages are served would not allow consumption of alcohol by the CHP holder, a fact you neglected to include in your piece.

So called “Gun Free Zones,” whether schools, theaters or any other area continue to be a boon for criminals and other sociopaths who understand an unarmed person equates to an easy victim. Just look at the incidents on the American Tobacco Trial, where no firearms are permitted.

Dennis L. Taylor, Holly Springs

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