Knox Schroeder: The primrose path

May 14, 2013 

The primrose path

Regarding your May 10 article about the protests at the Capitol, we read that, “The protesters say they are ... everyday North Carolinians worried that ... the General Assembly is reversing the state’s progress in ensuring equality, tolerance and respect for human dignity.” There will surely be haters who suspect that these everyday people are actually highly organized professionals who want to keep the flow of taxpayer money coming their way.

In my small attempt to raise the level of public discourse, let me explain the true definitions of these words to these undereducated haters:

Equality – the ability to consume equal resources even though you’ve never worked to produce any of them.

Tolerance – being accorded equal access to institutions and people even though you may be a threat to their best interests.

Respect for human dignity – receiving social standing that ignores your past and current behavior and assumes worth you don’t possess.

Once we understand and accept the meaning of these words, the arguments make sense, and we can all proceed down the primrose path to a bright future in a green world.

Knox Schroeder, Apex

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