John B. Hagler: A different time

May 14, 2013 

A different time

Regarding the May 5 article “Student faces felony for shotgun”: Times sure have changed from my high school days in the late 1940s and early ’50s.

Living in Carthage (county seat of Moore), it was nice to receive an invitation to spend a Friday night with schoolmates, who lived in the country, so we could hunt the next day. I received permission from my father and then informed the school principal that I’d be bringing my hunting things and dropping them off in his office on Friday mornings. After school I picked up my things, including my .12 gauge pump shotgun and shells, and rode the school bus out to where my friends lived.

None of the kids, their parents, superintendent, Board of Education, principal or sheriff thought anything about it. It was a routine activity during hunting season.

John B. Hagler, Raleigh

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