Jessica Heironimus: Under assault

May 15, 2013 

Under assault

Regarding the May 1 Point of View piece “Dangerous DENR direction”: Changing DENR’s mission statement to discount science and devalue North Carolina’s irreplaceable mountains, rivers, beaches and lands is another sad sign of where Gov. Pat McCrory and anti-environmental ideologues in the legislature are taking us. Anybody who cares about our state must pay attention before it’s too late.

In addition to emasculating the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, consider what else the new regime in Raleigh wants to do:

• End our highly popular and beneficial renewable energy standard that has made North Carolina a national leader in clean energy, creating tens of thousands of jobs along the way.

• Fast-track rules for fracking – even letting oilfield giant Halliburton help write the rules – that could open our state to a Pandora’s box of environmental woes

• Open our beaches and shorelines to oil drilling.

• Roll back water protections that keep our drinking water safe and our rivers clean.

The list goes on and on. Authors Scot Faulker and Jonathan Riehl were spot-on. We can’t allow this new breed of radical “conservatives” in Raleigh to hijack North Carolina’s unparalleled quality of life just so they can advance their political interests.

Jessica Heironimus, Raleigh

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